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Select Board

Contact: Misty Gratacos, Select Board/Town Office Administrator

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 60, Alstead, NH 03602

Phone: 603-835-2986

Fax: 603-835-2178


Hours: NEW: Monday & Tuesday: By appointment ONLY; Wednesday & Thursday: 8am-4pm; Friday: By appointment ONLY

The Select Board meetings are held every Tuesday, 5:00 p.m. at the Town Offices at 15 Mechanic Street

By state statute RSA 41:8, the Select Board as the governing body is to "manage the prudential affairs of the town" according to the will of the legislative body (town meeting).  In general, under New Hampshire law, the policy making authority of a town rests with the town meeting.

The Board must also comply with state mandates such as the current certification process and mandatory revaluations.  New Hampshire is not a home rule state.  No board, commission or official can do anything unless it is so specified in the RSAs.


The Board is the executive, managerial, administrative body that does whatever is necessary to carry out the votes enacted at town meeting.  Any action must be taken by the Board acting as a board - that is, voted on by a majority of the Board at a public meeting.


Some of the duties of the Board are:

Makes appointments to town Boards and Committees

Signs warrants for the payment of town bills

Grants licenses and permits

Establishes fees for permits

Manages and regulates use of all town property

Regulates town highways and commons

Employs town administrative staff


The Board is named as the assessors of property, but the Board engages the services of certified assessors to keep property values up to date. The Board is also responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and for granting or denying Building Permit applications, although professionals are employed by the Board to handle these functions.

Civil Communication Policy - Select Board Members

Public Participation During Select Board Meetings Policy

Rules of Procedure for Select Board Policy

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