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Supervisors of the Checklist

The Supervisors of the Checklist are elected officials who maintain the list of all registered voters for the Town of Alstead.


Supervisors are elected for a six year term, one elected every even numbered year. They have the power to prepare, post and revise the checklist for elections.   By law they are required to maintain voter information records, including completed registration files and the  checklist in alphabetical order.  They must also have a sufficient supply of standard voter registration cards for themselves and for the town clerk.


Posting of Checklists -  Prior to each election, the supervisors must post a current checklist at the town hall or town clerk's office.  The posted checklist shall state the date, hour and place of the upcoming session for checklist additions or corrections.


Party Affiliation changes - a voter may change his party affiliation any time the supervisors are in session, except between the first day of the filing period for a primary up to the day of the primary election.  They must hold at least one meeting prior to the filing period for the change of registration of legal voters.


VOTER REGISTRATION INFORMATION -  For additional  information on how to register or to change registration information contact the Office of the Town Clerk, Julie Bacon 835-2242

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