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Marriage License

Couples who wish to get married in the State of New Hampshire must file for a marriage license and need to come together to the Town Clerk's office. Local or out of state residents can apply in the office of any town or city clerk in the state of New Hampshire. There is a 90-day expiration date on each license. The license is valid in any New Hampshire city or town. If the marriage takes place in another state, you must contact the location where the marriage will take place for state regulations. The State of New Hampshire does not require a blood test. The cost of a marriage license is $50.00.  


Necessary Documentation & Information:


  • Proof of age/picture ID

  • a certified copy of the death certificate of a former spouse, if the applicant is widowed

  • a certified copy of the divorce decree, if the applicant is divorced; and/or

  • a certified copy of annulment, if the applicant’s previous marriage was annulled.


Couples will need to provide the following information:


  • Full Name and Address

  • Social Security Number

  • Race

  • Ancestry

  • Years of Education

  • Date of Birth

  • State of Birth

  • Father's Full Name and State of Birth

  • Mother's Full Name (Maiden) and State of Birth

Please allow 30 minutes processing time and plan your trip to the office accordingly.

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