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Vehicle Registrations

Walk-in Registration Renewals


Always start with the Town Clerk when registering a vehicle. The Clerk prepares the registration and the applicant pays a personal property tax based on the value of the vehicle.


The tax is based on the original list price of the vehicle without options. The tax rate for the current model year is $18/$1000 of the list price. The rate then drops in $3 increments to $15, $12, $9, $6, and $3. In New Hampshire, cars are registered in the birth month of the owner, and the tax is pro-rated from the date of registration to the birth month. The Clerk prepares the application for the New Hampshire Certificate of Title if necessary. Motor vehicle registrations and state decals can be issued at the Town Clerks office for vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (G.V.W.) of less than 26,000 lbs. Specialty plates, e.g. antique, veteran, handicapped etc., are issued by the DMV at the Hazen Drive facility or any DMV Substation.


Current Resident Registrations


Alstead residents must present current registration(s) or drivers license for the vehicle(s) they wish to renew. Current residents registering a vehicle for the first time must present the title or a title application for any vehicle model year 2000 or newer. For older vehicles, a bill of sale is required along with an additional proof of VIN verification. This could be a prior NH registration, the previous owner's title, or a VIN verification form TDMV 19A.


New Resident Registrations


If you’ve recently moved from another state, one of the first questions is usually “Where and how do I register my car?”  New residents will need proof of residency, a current out-of-state registration, and the title or the lien holder information (name & address) for any vehicle. You will be asked to fill out a “Declaration of Residency” form. A driver's license, the appearance of a person's name on a city or town street list, a voter or vehicle registration form, and rent, utility, mortgage or telephone bills clearly displaying the resident address normally provide tangible proof of residence.  The Clerk prepares the registration, prepares an application for the New Hampshire Certificate of Title (if necessary), and the applicant pays a personal property tax based on the value of the vehicle. In New Hampshire, most cars are registered in the birth month of the owner, and the tax is pro-rated from the date of registration to the birth month.  Leased vehicles and corporate vehicles are registered alphabetically throughout the year.  There is also a New Hampshire state tax payable to NH-DMV, based on the weight of the vehicle.  You can do this portion at the town for an additional $3.00 per vehicle. New Hampshire allows 60 days to transfer a registration. After registering the car, you will have 10 days to get it inspected.




Moose Plates - Fees go to State Conservation.  You can get them only at the time of your regular renewal or with a new registration. 

For other plate type information click here.  ​Complete list of plate types click here.




If you are transferring plates from a sold vehicle to a new (to you) vehicle, in addition to your title papers, please remember to provide the old car’s original current registration. Transfers CANNOT be completed without this registration. If you have misplaced your registration, you will need to get a copy by completing an Application for Copy of a Registration form RDMV 110. There is a $15.00 fee for the state and $3.00 for the town for the registration copy.




New Hampshire does not issue titles for vehicles that have a model year of 1999 or older, except for heavy trucks with three (3) axles or more, or truck tractors whose gross vehicle weight exceeds 18,000 pounds which must always be titled regardless of age. Also, vehicles that are over 25 years of age may only be titled at an owner's request.


• If the motor vehicle is purchased from a private sale, the Town Clerk's office will fill out the title application forms.


• If the motor vehicle is purchased from a licensed New Hampshire dealer, the dealer will fill out the title application and give you a copy that you will need to register your vehicle. Bring this with you to the Town Clerk.


The NH Department of Safety Division of Motor Vehicles Title Bureau has the answer to many title questions, click here


Boat and OHRV Registrations


The Town Clerk can register Boats and Off Highway Recreational Vehicles (OHRV’s - e.g. snowmobiles, trail bikes, & ATV’s)



On a newly registered vehicle, State inspections are required within ten (10) days after the registration is processed. Vehicles being renewed must have an inspection during their renewal month. Official Inspection Station facilities are usually local service stations or automobile dealers authorized to inspect motor vehicles the State of New Hampshire.  You can identify authorized facilities by the prominent display of an Official New Hampshire Inspection Station sign.  Many of these facilities operate by appointment only, so it is good to check ahead with a station convenient to you. Official New Hampshire Inspection Stations will affix a certificate of inspection to the windshield displaying the expiration month.

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